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À ce moment-là, le navire penche à 20° sur tribord et c'est à ce moment que Francesco Schettino décide l'abandon du navire. [289] Testimony and statements at 29 February hearing primarily promoted North American cruise ships as being safe. Des caissons seront fixés sur les flancs, qui, une fois emplis d’air, permettront de faire flotter le navire[72]. 21 h 45 min 8 s : Francesco Schettino : fermez immédiatement les portes étanches. "Je ne suis pas en train d'y aller parce qu'il y a l'autre bateau (chaloupe de sauvetage, ndlr) qui s'est arrêté.". Sur les 4 229 personnes à son bord (3 206 passagers et 1 023 membres d'équipage), trente-deux personnes perdent la vie. The area was known for rock outcroppings, and at some point, such a formation was noticed in the ship’s path. Please select which sections you would like to print: Corrections? Many of the letters, handwritten in English, German, French and Italian, are addressed simply to "Giglio, Italy 58012" to no one in particular, almost as if the island itself is a person. The more time passes, the weaker the hull becomes. The economic slump surely has as much to do with a drop in tourists, and anyway, even in good years people were never able to rent their properties year round like they do now to the salvage workers. [276] When his trial resumed in October 2013, Domnica Cemortan (a 26-year-old Moldovan) admitted having been Schettino's lover and having been a non-paying passenger on the ship, after the prosecution alleged that her presence on the bridge "generated confusion and distraction for the captain". COMMENTdocument.getElementById("comment").setAttribute( "id", "a5266dbcf6a3224d048176daeedc83f2" );document.getElementById("e000f25e02").setAttribute( "id", "comment" ); Your email address will not be published. [317] Launching systems must enable the lowering of the lifeboats under 20° of list and 10° of pitch.[317]. [138] ISPRA's Oceanographic Ship Astrea arrived in Tuscany on 29 January to conduct environmental investigations. [85] Prime Minister Mario Monti announced his intention to propose to the President of the Republic to grant the gold medal for civil valor to the common people of Isola del Giglio and Monte Argentario for their conduct during the rescue. Garde-côtes : « un proche d'un membre d'équipage a contacté la police pour lui dire que plein de choses étaient tombées à terre durant le dîner ». Une fois le bateau à flot, il sera remorqué vers le port de Gênes[73]. [69][230][236] 32 people are known to have died,[118][229][237] and 64 others were injured. The remains were subjected to DNA testing in order to determine their identity. Depth: 8,2 m Le timonier se trompe et met la barre à droite. "Qui est-ce qui coordonne là-bas ? [53], Half an hour before the abandon-ship order, one crew member was recorded on video telling passengers at a muster station, "We have solved the problems we had and invite everyone to return to their cabins. At 04:46, the evacuation was noted as "complete" on the Port of Livorno's Harbour Master log. C'est clair ? [179] The salvage plan included the following operations:[180], (1) Funnel (chimney) is removed and a submerged platform is built to support the ship. A man holds an Italian flag on his balcony overlooking the port of Giglio on January 13, 2013. [267], On 22 February 2012, four officers who were on board and three managers of Costa Cruises were placed formally "under investigation" and "face charges of manslaughter, causing a shipwreck and failing to communicate with maritime authorities". [260] On 23 February, two additional charges, of "abandoning incapacitated passengers and failing to inform maritime authorities" were levied against Schettino. However, Schettino’s only request was for tugboats. [88][97][98][99] On 18 January, rescue efforts were suspended again when the ship shifted, but shortly afterwards they were resumed. The shipping company Costa Crociere estimates the cost of salvage at around 1.5 billion euros, most of which will be assumed by the insurance. Le bilan définitif fait état de 32 morts. Le Costa Concordia dérive à une vitesse d'environ 1 nœud en direction du sud-ouest. Durant environ 20 heures (entre le lundi 16 septembre 2013 au matin et les premières heures de la nuit du mardi 17 septembre 2013), l'opération de redressement de l'épave est réalisée avec succès, ce qui est une première mondiale pour un bâtiment de cette taille. [28][29] At 22:10, Costa Concordia turned south. Il y a des gens bloqués à bord. Terror at Sea: The Sinking of the Costa Concordia,[301] broadcast on 31 January 2012, explored how and why the ship went down. Commandant Francesco Schettino. We did all we could to avoid catastrophe. [311], The mayor of Giglio, Sergio Ortelli, and Costa Cruises are in agreement that the large boulder to be removed from the side of the vessel should be suitably positioned on the island as a memorial to the 32 people who lost their lives. A couple walks along the port of Giglio at night on January 12, 2013. [54][55] The ship lost cabin electrical power shortly after the initial collision. Acquired 2006 Maintenant vous remontez à bord pour coordonner les secours à bord. The head of the coast guard diving team described the conditions inside the ship, still perched on a 37-metre (120 ft) ledge, as "disastrous". Further, the immediate flooding of five contiguous watertight compartments, where most of the vital equipment of the ship was located, made the Costa Concordia casualty quite a unique event, because of the extent of damage is well beyond the survivability standard applicable to the ship according to her keel laying date. Costa Concordia Disaster On the evening of January 13, 2012, the Costa Concordia, which was to make a Mediterranean cruise from Civitavecchia via Savona, Marseille, Barcelona, ​​Palma de Mallorca, Cagliari to Palermo, is shipwrecked off the port of Giglio Island. [14] The port side of the ship struck a reef[15] at 21:42 or 21:45 local time. Selon une écoute téléphonique dévoilée par la police italienne, le capitaine aurait fait l'objet de pressions de la part d'un responsable de Costa Croisières pour longer de très près la côte[47],[50]. At 10:39 pm the first rescue vessel arrived. En effet, celui-ci aurait tardé à donner l'alarme (alors que l'équipage même avait conscience de la gravité de la situation) et aurait refusé de retourner à bord du navire après l'avoir quitté[45]. Power: : 42,000 kW (57,104 PS) Delay in the evacuation  remains an aspect of this disaster particularly surprising. "Écoutez Schettino, vous avez peut-être réussi à vous sauver de la mer mais là, vraiment ça va mal se passer. On 26 September 2013, unidentified remains were found near the central part of the ship, where they were last seen. [148], All operations planned for the wreck, including defuelling, were conducted jointly by Costa Cruises and the Concordia Emergency Commissioner's Office. Most of the restaurateurs and business owners across the island hold nothing against the salvage crews who they feel are the only hope for getting rid of the rotting vessel. Using a vast system of steel cables and pulleys, maritime engineers work on Monday, September 16, to hoist the ship's massive hull off the reef where it capsized. [21] The impact sheared two long strips of steel from the ship's hull; these were later found on the seabed 92 to 96 metres (302 to 315 ft) from the main island. ", Melis has been a strong voice both to the media and at the islanders' monthly meetings with the salvage managers, environmental experts and Franco Gabrielli, the government's commissioner for the Costa Concordia disaster. This was the only death to occur during the Costa Concordia salvage operation. Quelques instants plus tard il se ravise et met la barre à gauche, l'arrière du bateau ne va pas suivre (sous l'effet de l'inertie, le bateau "balaye"). During this time, a panicked passenger contacted her daughter in Italy, and the Italian coast guard called the Concordia at about 10:14 pm. 21 h 19 : après plusieurs embardées le navire suit un cap de 279° l'étrave orientée vers l'île de Giglio. "Not just the ship.". B&B Tonnage: 114.137 tsl In August 2011, Giglio Porto's mayor, Sergio Ortelli, had thanked Captain Schettino for the "incredible spectacle" of a sail-past. Fin septembre 2013 et début octobre 2013, les restes du corps de la passagère italienne ont été retrouvés après le redressement du paquebot, le dernier corps du membre d'équipage indien a été retrouvé le 3 novembre 2014 à bord du navire alors en cours de démolition dans le port de Gênes[18]. Preparing for righting, July 2013. [149] On 12 February 2012,[150] after weeks of weather delays,[128][151][152][153] Dutch salvage firm Smit Internationale, acting jointly with Italian company NERI SpA,[154] started removing the vessel's 2,380 tonnes of heavy fuel oil. During this time, work also began to remove the vessel in what was the largest maritime salvage operation in history. [286] On 23 January 2012, UNESCO asked Italy to reroute cruise ships to avoid sailing too close to "culturally and ecologically important areas",[101] and on 1 March, Italy excluded large ships from sailing closer than two miles from marine parks. 21 h 46 min 12 s : black-out, toutes les lumières principales s’éteignent. 21 h : le commandant Francesco Schettino dîne au restaurant Milano au pont 3 à l'extrême arrière du navire. Il y gagne même le surnom de « l'homme le plus détesté d'Italie »[19]. Many live offshore in a floating dormitory called the Discovery, but they all make their way to the island on a regular basis. Le temps est nuageux, la température extérieure est de 13 °C, avec un vent nord-Est qui souffle à 15 nœuds soit environ 27 km/h. à gauche 10, à gauche 20 ». Sinon nous allons sur les rochers », 21 h 44 min 14 s : Francesco Schettino : « à droite 10, à droite 20. [317] The damage caused by impact with the rocks left a 36.5-metre tear (120 ft) in the hull. [118][119][120] Additional bone fragments of unknown identity were found in the wreck a few days after the body was found. [4] Schettino was later found guilty of manslaughter in connection with the disaster and sentenced to sixteen years in prison. "Qu'êtes-vous en train de faire commandant ? [65] Some passengers jumped into the water to swim to shore,[citation needed] while others, ready to evacuate the vessel, were delayed by crew members up to 45 minutes, as they resisted immediately lowering the lifeboats. [37] "I have to take responsibility for the fact that I made a judgment error. "[38] The captain initially said the ship was about 300 metres (330 yd) from the shore (about the length of the vessel) and hit an uncharted rock. Commandant Gregorio De Falco. Plusieurs personnes disparues ont par la suite été retrouvées[8],[9]. "[252] International experts have said that it is too early to speculate on why the vessel capsized despite its watertight compartments but that the size of the vessel is unlikely to have been an issue. Sur place il y a déjà mon secours aérien". À cet instant, l'arrière bâbord du Costa Concordia heurte le Scole puis la bande son de la boite noire enregistre de fortes vibrations de la structure du navire ; une multitude d'alarmes signalent une voie d'eau et une grave avarie. It'll take about two years to dismantle the massive cruise liner. Francesco Schettino, were charged with various crimes. ", "Get [back] on board, for fuck's sake!" [24], Without propulsive power and on emergency electric power, the ship moved through inertia and the settings of its rudders,[25] and continued north from Le Scole until well past Giglio Porto. The ship will be towed north to the port in Genoa, Italy. Il y a déjà des cadavres Schettino". "[72] Five helicopters from the Italian Coast Guard, Navy and Air Force took turns airlifting survivors still aboard and ferrying them to safety. Franca Melis, who owns a small enoteca called La Galera in Castello on the top of the island's hill and a dive shop down in the port, says it is hypocritical for islanders to complain that the Concordia has ruined their livelihood -- especially in the port. [287], The European Maritime Safety Agency was in the process of conducting a review of maritime safety when the accident occurred. In May 2017, the Italian highest court upheld the sentence of the former Costa Concordia captain to 16 years in prison. Le 12 mai 2017, le commandant Francesco Schettino est condamné à 16 ans de prison ferme lors de son procès, peine confirmée en appel, son pourvoi en cassation a ensuite été rejeté par la cour de cassation italienne[56],[57]. On the left are the strand jacks (used to pull the cables) mounted on the tops of the retaining turrets. maritime disaster, off the coast of Giglio Island, Mediterranean Sea [2012]. No one is ever in a particular hurry and the weather and food are just as wonderful as they were before the Concordia came to shore. At 6:17 am on January 14 search efforts were temporarily suspended, but the following day divers rescued three more from inside the Concordia. Est ensuite critiqué, après celui du capitaine, le comportement de l'équipage qui aurait déserté son poste en abandonnant les passagers à leur sort[24], ou pas su faire descendre les canots de sauvetage[25], ce qui est régulièrement réfuté[26]. Experts inspect the ship's damage in January. One such worker is Jan Walhout, a Dutch engineer who will be one of the eight people in the control room when the Concordia is rotated upright in a delicate procedure called "parbuckling" that is scheduled to take place September 16. The other grasps the seriousness of the situation immediately and tries to remind the first of his obligations. Le projet prévoit d'installer une plate-forme immergée sur laquelle le navire sera redressé au moyen de câbles. 21 h 39 min 29 s : Francesco Schettino annonce : « venir au trois-zéro-zéro (300°) par la droite », 21 h 43 min 46 s : Francesco Schettino : « trois-quatre-zéro, trois-cinq-zéro » (Cap), Le timonier répond : « trois-quatre-zéro », 21 h 43 min 50 s : Francesco Schettino : « au trois-cinq-zéro par la droite ! Following the conclusion of the righting operation, the ship was kept on a platform while further inspections were made and the starboard sponsons attached. [167] Six bids were submitted in early March[168] and the proposed removal plans were assessed jointly with the Civil Protection Scientific Committee. [83] One of the missing crewmen, a waiter, was last seen helping passengers. The point of initial impact was 8 metres (26 ft) below water at the "Scola piccola",[19][20] the most seaward exposed rock of Le Scole, which tore a 50-metre (160 ft) gash in the ship's port side below the water line. The Captain admitted responsibility of poor judgement, saying he had "ordered the turn too late", but he denied that was the one to blame for the deaths. On any given night of the week, the portside bars are filled with men in gray Titan Salvage jumpsuits. Consulté le 14 avril 2013, « Costa-Concordia : la peine de 16 ans de prison de l’ancien capitaine confirmée en cassation »,États-Unis,, Six propositions pour l'enlèvement du Concordia, Le Costa Concordia sera renfloué et remorqué vers Gênes, "Le redressement du Costa Concordia achevé",,, The Tragic Grounding & Capsize of M/V Costa Concordia,, Pages avec des arguments non numériques dans formatnum, Page du modèle Article comportant une erreur, Page avec coordonnées similaires sur Wikidata, Article contenant un appel à traduction en anglais, Catégorie Commons avec lien local identique sur Wikidata, Portail:Transports en commun/Articles liés, Portail:Époque contemporaine/Articles liés, licence Creative Commons attribution, partage dans les mêmes conditions, comment citer les auteurs et mentionner la licence, Nombre de ponts : 17 (13 pour les passagers), Cet article est partiellement ou en totalité issu de l'article intitulé «. The collision brought a deep 70-meter wound into the ship’s hull, eventually causing it to be overturned. La coque est éventrée sur environ 53 mètres de long et 7,30 mètres de large et prend l'eau immédiatement. Tonnage: 114.137 tsl This time round it went wrong". [251] On 6 February, the International Chamber of Shipping, representing shipowners' associations, called for the "earliest possible publication of the Italian accident investigations. [44][45][p 1], Costa Cruises confirmed that the course taken in 2012 was "not a defined [computer programmed] route for passing Giglio. More than 4,200 people were rescued, though 32 people died. The drifting Concordia eventually ran aground near the shore. La sera del 13 gennaio 2012, la Costa Concordia, che stava effettuando una crociera nel Mediterraneo con partenza da Civitavecchia e scali previsti a Savona, Marsiglia, Barcellona, Palma di Maiorca, Cagliari e Palermo naufraga davanti al porto dell'Isola del Giglio a causa di una grossa falla provocata dall'impatto dello scafo con una formazione rocciosa affiorante. The stability and deformation of the ship was monitored by satellite imagery and surface-based instruments. Plus, she points out that it could take up to two more years for workers to remove all the salvage implements they've put in place, all the while the port views will be marred with cranes and rigs. Evacuation efforts started promptly but were made "extremely difficult" by the position of the listing ship, officials said. [191][192], On 1 February 2014 a Spanish diver working on the Costa Concordia wreck died after cutting his leg on a sheet of metal. The 19-hour process involved specially built underwater platforms, cranes, and some 500 people. ", Learn how and when to remove this template message, Peter Wieslaw Grajda: M/S Costa Concordia Disaster – A Survivor's Story & Photos, Transcript of telephone call between captain and coastguard, "List of dead, missing from the Costa Concordia cruise ship that grounded off Italy", A world askew: On board the Costa Concordia, "Technical report on the sinking of the Costa Concordia", Transcript of conversations on the bridge as recorded by the VDR (annex 5 of the above report), "Court hears how 32 died in Italy shipwreck", Shipwrecks and maritime incidents in 2012,, Maritime incidents involving cruise ships, Articles with Italian-language sources (it), Pages using infobox event with blank parameters, Articles with unsourced statements from September 2013, Articles with unsourced statements from December 2019, Articles containing potentially dated statements from September 2013, All articles containing potentially dated statements, Articles containing potentially dated statements from July 2014, Articles with unsourced statements from March 2017, Articles needing the year an event occurred from January 2018, Articles with unsourced statements from October 2020, Wikipedia external links cleanup from June 2018, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, Struck a rock while deviating from planned course, 33 (27 passengers, 5 crew, 1 salvage member). [28] Passengers were later advised to put on their life jackets. [133] Clini said any oil leakage would be highly toxic for plant and animal life. 21 h 45 min 8 s : impact du navire avec le Scole. [51] A further person on the bridge was a Moldovan dancer, Domnica Cemortan, who testified that she was in a romantic relationship with Schettino and had just boarded the ship as a non-paying passenger. Toutes ces actions combinées font que la gîte passe du côté bâbord au côté tribord. "Italy wants to have steady nerves because we've already done the cabaret route. [275], Lawyers for the victims declared the sentences as shameful and said they might appeal to overturn the plea bargains that allowed reduced sentences in return for guilty pleas. On 24 January 2012, Transport Commissioner Siim Kallas told the Transportation Committee of the European Parliament that lessons learned from the loss of Costa Concordia would be taken into account. Le redressement du bâtiment est opéré entre les lundi 16 et mardi 17 septembre 2013 et dure 19 heures. Un autre point soulevé par l'enquête est la mauvaise coordination de l'équipage à cause des problèmes linguistiques, de nombreux membres de l'équipage maîtrisant mal l'italien, langue de travail du navire[53]. Il fait nuit quand le Costa Concordia appareille de Civitavecchia ce vendredi 13 janvier 2012 à 19 h 18.

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